Audit management system — available anytime, any place.

QT9's cloud-based audit management software makes it simple to keep track of audits and synchronize records with anyone, anywhere.

Schedule audits

Auto-notify when audits are due.

Link corrective actions

Link audit results with corrective and preventive actions (CAPAs).

Audit against any standard

Schedule your audits for one quality standard or an integrated audit with multiple quality standards.

Manage audits

Keep track of audit details and results with QT9's audit management system.

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Free up time with user-friendly audit tools built in to QT9™ QMS.

QT9's comprehensive audit module is your all-in-one solution for better audit records.

Better Processes

Create processes for your organization and assign multiple Quality Standards' elements to those processes.

Electronic Records

Keep electronic records of both internal and 3rd party registrar audits.

Custom Checklists

Create custom quality standard checklists for custom audits such as supplier audits.

Manage Approvals

Assign approver/s and approve, reject or verify audit records.

Email Alerts

Send and receive email alerts and reminders on upcoming audits.

Audit Scheduling

Keep track of your audit schedule from anywhere with web access.

Attach Related Files

Attach unlimited files to any audit (great for attaching 3rd party registrar audit report).

Real-Time Reporting

Assist with data mining & trend analysis with charts & graphs.

Link Documents

Link processes to document control for ease of use in auditing.

Frequently Asked Questions: Audit Management

What is audit management?

In the quality management arena, audit management is an integrated system that links all of the data and documentation necessary to ensure audit objectives are met, including regulatory compliance. The goal of audit management is to maintain audit preparedness by organizing and simplifying all parts of an audit.

What is audit management software?

Audit management software facilitates every stage of the audit process, from planning and scheduling to generating final reports, and improving the efficiency and accuracy of the audit process. It automates the process of preparing and executing audits by helping companies analyze data, assess risks, track issues, report results and centralize documentation. Regulatory compliance is streamlined and simplified with centralized workflows and full traceability.

How does an internal audit differ from an external audit?

There are three types of audits that are prevalent in quality management: internal, regulatory and supplier.


An internal audit is conducted by an organization’s own audit department or quality team with the goal of evaluating and potentially enhancing the organization’s systems.


A regulatory audit is conducted by an independent, third-party auditor with the goal of assessing the organization’s compliance with regulatory standards.


A supplier audit is an external audit conducted when an organization audits their suppliers to ensure compliance to regulatory and industry standards.

How can QT9 QMS help me manage my audits?

QT9 QMS is built to simplify regulatory compliance at all stages, especially the audit stage. By integrating multiple modules into audit management, such as document control and corrective actions, QT9 QMS can eliminate time wasted on preparing for audits and responses to audit findings. Creating audit schedules for internal, external, supplier and customer audits, with email alerting and custom audit checklists, ensures that your entire audit process is as efficient as possible.


QT9 QMS is a highly rated solution loved by customers. We offer more than 25 modules standard, including Audit Management and Document Control with 21 CFR Part 11-compliant electronic signatures.


We also offer an easy user interface, free software updates, full customer support, an ERP integration and Business Intelligence tool. Reach out today to learn more.


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