Inspection planning software — available anytime, any place.

The Inspection Module in QT9™ QMS makes it simple to keep track of inspections with anyone, anywhere.

Create inspection plans

Create web-based inspection plans for both receiving and production.

Reduce delays

Reduce staff time by replacing manual inspection processes.

Escalation to Nonconformance

Escalate any failure to a corrective action or nonconforming product.

Prevent errors

Quickly recover inspection records with a complete timeline.

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Free up time with inspection tools built-in to QT9™ QMS.

QT9's inspection planning software is your all-in-one manufacturing inspection software solution.

Revision Tracking

All inspection plans are approved and tracked by revision.

Attach Related Files

Track certificates of analysis or compliance with unlimited file attachments on inspection records.

Real-Time Reporting

See the status of inspection plans and track the full history of inspections.

Assign Documents

Assign affected documents to any inspection plan in the system.

Inspection Forms

Replicate your inspection forms electronically.

Electronic Signatures

Electronic signature of approvals for every revision of every inspection plan.

Link Inspections

Link failed inspection records or criteria to nonconforming products or corrective actions.

Electronic Records

Keep electronic records of both internal and external inspections.

Frequently Asked Questions: Quality Inspections

What is quality inspection?

A quality inspection is the detailed review of a product or service against specified criteria to ensure it conforms to expected requirements. The goal is to:

  • Ensure the final product meets regulatory requirements, quality standards and customer expectations
  • Identify nonconformances or defects early
  • Mitigate risk
  • Ensure manufacturing regulatory compliance
When do quality inspections occur?

Quality inspections can be conducted at any stage of the manufacturing process, from supplier delivery to manufacturing and final inspection prior to marketing. The most common types of quality inspections include:

  • Receiving Inspection – An examination of received goods to ensure they are as specified and undamaged.
  • In-Process Inspection – Examination of the workflow and resources that affect production on the manufacturing floor, including environmental factors.
  • First Article Inspection – An initial sampling of a product or service in the early stages of production to ensure conformity and compliance.
  • Final Inspection – Undertaken when production is complete, a final inspection report validates that all required operations are complete, all non-conformances resolved and all tasks documented.
  • Returned Material Inspection – Materials that do not conform to specifications are returned for rework or repair. Re-inspection is necessary before being returned to inventory.
Why should I automate my quality inspection processes?

An automated inspection process is faster, easier and more accurate. Organizations with automated inspection systems based in the cloud have access to quality data at any time and from anywhere. Quality processes from across the lifecycle are connected, documented and centrally located, so real-time data can be examined at any time. This allows for simpler inspections and better decision making.

How are quality inspections and quality assurance related?

Quality inspections occur as part of the quality assurance process and, as such, are an integral part of any quality assurance effort. Quality assurance inspections are undertaken to ensure that every component of a product or service under production is free of defects and operates as expected.

Why is QT9 QMS one of the best quality inspection software solutions?

QT9 QMS offers unlimited revision-controlled inspection plans to give you ultimate flexibility in quality control for your products and materials. By linking inspection records to nonconforming products as well as calibrated devices used in the inspection process, QT9 QMS give you a fully automated approach to your inspection process ensuring any failures in the product inspection are handled correctly.


Our highly-rated eQMS is cost effective, easy to use and offers full customer support, an available ERP integration and Business Intelligence tool.


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