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Empower teams to consistently improve quality by connecting employees and unifying systems.

QT9 started in 2005 to make it easy to access regulatory compliance documents from anywhere, collaborate with anyone and automate workflow. Today we are proud to call more than 550 companies from across the world our customers. As quality processes continue to evolve, we stay focused on delivering innovation to businesses across the world.

QT9's mission is to ensure users have a gratifying experience while enabling people to work toward a common goal.

Meet Our Europe Team

The people behind the platform

QT9's leadership team believes in empowering teams to continually improve, by being committed to building a solution people love and an environment where everyone can thrive.


Angela O'Sullivan

Account Manager and Director

Angela has been designing quality management systems for many years and loves helping customers implement QT9 software to better manage their QMS processes. She is responsible for dealing with enquiries, quotations and application support for our customers.

Fun Fact: Loves post-apocalyptic fiction and dystopian movies.

Favorite Place: Kirchdorf, Austrian Tyrol region

Favorite Activity: Jigsaw Puzzles, Art Therapy


Aine Walsh

Office Manager

Aine loves solving problems, brainstorming and making people's lives easier. She is responsible for document compliance, procedure review, document change control and file preparation.

Fun Fact: Loves to travel, and last year completed a road trip of over 1,400 miles along the Pacific Coast Highway.

Favorite Place: Paris, France

Favorite Activity: Hill Walking, Beach Walks, Surfing, Swimming and Cycling.


Adrian O'Sullivan

Operations Manager and Director

Adrian enjoys working directly with customers, thinking up new ways to do things and keeping an eagle eye on the company finances. He is responsible for strategic planning, optimising work practices and providing a steady hand in the day-to-day management of the company.

Fun Fact: Loves vintage Lamborghinis

Favorite Place: Kerry, Ireland and anywhere sunny

Favorite Activity: Cycling and Fitness

QT9 is evolving and expanding outreach

QT9 is now being used in over 30 countries.

Transform scalability

QT9 software includes the tools you need to expand your business and maximize your valuable resources. Know no bounds and strategically adjust your business plans on-the-fly.

Work should be enjoyable

Keep your employees happy and a smile on your face by being more effective at what you do. QT9 believes motivating teams starts with being organized. With QT9 each person knows what is expected and through this transparency teams are able to achieve more in less time.

Recognized leader

QT9 is consistently recognized by well-established 3rd party resources for positve customer experiences. Read real reviews from users like you, and you can see QT9's proven reliability.

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