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QT9™ QMS Web Purchase (Customer Hosted/On Premise)

QT9™ QMS Web brings enterprise level quality and ISO 9001, AS 9100, ISO 17025, and ISO 13485 management software right to your finger tips. With QT9™ QMS Web there is no need to install client applications on any PCs - all they need is a modern browser. QT9™ QMS Web handles all of your ISO requirements, minimizing the amount of work necessary for ISO compliance. With email alerting, quick detailed reporting, data customization, the ability to log on anywhere with an internet connection, and a very user friendly interface - you can't go wrong!

Web Purchase/Customer Hosted

There are also benefits to the Web Purchase/Customer Hosted platform:

  • Annual Support & Maintenance Package - The 1st year of purchase includes your support and maintenance since it is the most critical year of owning/using QT9™ QMS as QT9™ QMS will be unifying your quality management system into one package. The 2nd year and beyond is an optional support & maintenance package.
  • FREE UPGRADES - Also included in the price of the client purchase's 1st year licensing AND the annual support and maintenance package is FREE UPGRADES. This guarantees you to always have the newest modules and enhancements to the software in the 1st year of ownership and any year beyond that if you continue the annual support and maintenance package.
  • No Client Installations - Since this is a web based application, you will not have to install client software on every machine that uses the software. You will just need Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, or Firefox web browsers.
  • Remote User Control - Your IT department will have complete control over what remote users will have access to the software and when. This can be ideal for corporations with high security customer data or product specifications.

Have a company with multiple locations? QT9™ QMS Web keeps all of your sites (locations) on the same easy to use system using site management which allows you to track all of your company locations separately on one system with the ability to view and report any or all of them with the click of a button.

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QT9™ CAPA Software - Corrective/Preventive Actions

QT9™ QMS Web Purchase is a web application that runs on the organization’s internal/external network. This will be installed on the server of the organization; the client PCs must be able to see the server through LAN, VPN, or any other configured fashion. The client only needs a modern web browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Fire Fox, or Safari) to access the software. This is ideal for mid to large sized organizations as you do not need to install any clients on the PCs. There will be a need for configuration of the server, and the server should have enough hard drive space to facilitate the amount of documents and related files the organization will process.

-Minimum requirements for the server – ASP.NET 4.0, AJAX Tool Kit, Windows Server 2008 or greater, SQL Server 2012 or greater, SMTP Services (Relaying allowed for localHost –, & IIS 7.0 or greater.

Looking to save time and money? QT9™ QMS Web is available as a subscription based web solution as well.

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