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QT9™ QMS Web Subscription Solution (Cloud Based)

QT9™ QMS Web Subscription is the best deal we offer! This is when QT9 Software hosts the software and the data so all the customer needs to have is have an internet connection to access the software (using a modern web browser). The web subscription is an annual fee per user. With the annual fee you get FREE support and maintenance and FREE product upgrades (not just service packs but full product upgrades - support is instantaneous as we are supporting our own server). This means NO IT Administration; it is literally click and go. This takes any burden of initial installation, service pack upgrades, full upgrades, and worrying about hard drive space or any similar worry away from the customer. It is WORRY FREE. Web Subscription is perfect for organizations with multiple location and/or remote users.

Hosted Web Subscription Service

There are many benefits to the hosted web subscription service:

  • Low cost of entry - There is no hardware to purchase or minimum installation requirements to make. It is a low concurrent user license cost and that is it. NO HIDDEN FEES.
  • FREE SUPPORT & MAINTENANCE - The web subscription's annual licensing includes the support & maintenance of the software. Which means you are always assured that you will have someone to call or email for support.
  • FREE UPGRADES - Also included in the price of the web subscription's annual licensing is FREE UPGRADES. This guarantees you to always have the latest and greatest software.
  • No Client Installations - Since this is a web based application, you will not have to install client software on every machine that uses the software. You will just need Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, or Firefox web browsers.
  • NO IT Administration - Since this is a hosted service, we handle all of the IT administration of the web server. Your IT department will not have to worry about administering another server or application.
  • Portability - All you need is an internet connection to run this software. That means you can work from home, from the office, out in the field, etc..

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QT9™ CAPA Software - Corrective/Preventive Actions

Have a company with multiple locations? QT9™ QMS Web keeps all of your sites (locations) on the same easy to use system using site management which allows you to track all of your company locations separately on one system with the ability to view and report any or all of them with the click of a button.

QT9™ QMS Web brings enterprise level quality and ISO 9001, AS9100, and ISO 13485/FDA Compliance management software right to your finger tips. With QT9™ QMS Web there is no need to install client applications on any PCs - all they need is a modern browser. QT9™ QMS Web handles all of your ISO requirements, minimizing the amount of work necessary for ISO compliance. With email alerting, quick detailed reporting, data customization, the ability to log on anywhere with an internet connection, and a very user friendly interface - you can't go wrong!

Interested in hosting QT9™ QMS Web on your own server? QT9™ QMS Web is available as a customer hosted solution as well.

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