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QT9™ QMS Document Control Software

Streamline your document control with the QT9™ QMS Document Control Software Module. Make all new document and document change requests electronically with email alerts throughout the approval process. QT9's document control is tied into not only the training, audit management, and inspections module but also the departments that you assign your users and managers. QT9™ QMS will act as your company's central repository for your current document lists as well as your obsolete documents.

QT9™ QMS Document Control Software works with all of your procedures, work instructions, job descriptions, general forms, contracts, engineering drawings, etc.. QT9™ QMS accepts all types of files from MS Office, pdf, image, solidworks, AutoCAD, Word Perfect, and more.

QT9™ QMS Document Control Software works like a vault with your documents. Our software puts several layers of protection on your files, such as file encryptions, ambiguous file names, and read only markings. This ensures the protection and integrity of your documents and forms. QT9™ document control also has a very easy to use interface including a quick search feature that allows you to search by document name, document type, department, or document number. QT9™ QMS also has an easy import tool for previously approved documents to get you up and running on QT9™ QMS with little setup.

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QT9™ Document Control Software

QT9™ QMS Document Control Features

  • Central repository for documents
  • Flexible workflow for approving document requests
  • Electronic signatures and full document lifecycle tracking
  • Email alerting throughout approval process
  • Email broadcast for approved documents
  • See the status of all document requests in your system at the click of a button
  • Automatic revision level control
  • Customizable document numbering/coding
  • Integrated with inspections, auditing, training module, & Employee Training Portal
  • See training history on every revision of a document
  • Automatic archiving of old document revisions into obsolete documents
  • Ability to assign affected documents (parent/child relationships) to any document in the system. This will warn users as new revisions are made to check the affected documents as well.
  • Control both the master file (native file format) and a display file (locked file format ex: PDF) for any document

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